Welcome to the Arizona Songwriters monthly meeting. This meeting is for the purpose of giving constructive feedback on songs that you are writing. All comments and views are those of the individuals speaking and not that of the organization.

All songs posted must be the full intellectual property of those who submit them or have written/verbal permission of the artists involved. The copyrights and all other rights belong to those who post. Any persons who infringe on those rights will be held 100% liable by the owner.

The organisation is not responsible or liable for any contract violations that may arise between individuals. By attending, you agree to be courteous.

Translation: Don’t steal other people’s work and be kind to one another.

Songs will be played in order, based on who is present in live the meeting.


  1. Post a link to the audio or video of the performance. (This includes a live reading of lyric only submissions.) This can be YouTube, Google Drive, Soundcloud, Dropbox, or another service that provides playback.
  2. List the lyrics in the comment

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