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1 Year Subscription – Have your name in all official videos.


Get all the info on what is going on in the creation process of EVERY SONG I release! This level gives you the exclusive behind-the-scenes and in-depth ‘Making of’ video and/or podcast episodes that will include things like:

  • how I wrote the song, came up with ideas for the cover, or just why that song is special to me.
  • early recordings, studio session moments, and other insights into the process!

You can listen to all audio files via this site or your favorite podcast player with an exclusive podcast feed that includes all previous released songs before they are available to buy to the public!

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1 Year $10 Subscription

Initial Payable: $10.00

Total Payable: $120.00

1 Year $10 Subscription

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Payment Amount Payment Date
$10.00 13-06-2021 19:25:14
$10.00 14-07-2021 19:25:14
$10.00 14-08-2021 19:25:14
$10.00 14-09-2021 19:25:14
$10.00 15-10-2021 19:25:14
$10.00 15-11-2021 19:25:14
$10.00 16-12-2021 19:25:14
$10.00 16-01-2022 19:25:14
$10.00 16-02-2022 19:25:14
$10.00 19-03-2022 19:25:14
$10.00 19-04-2022 19:25:14


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